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Patient men ride donkeys.


After years in the works, Grand Assembly – An Encyclopedic Inventory by Jonas Liveröd is finally available for orders.
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Mirror, mirror on the wall.


We are happy to announce that Joakim Ojanen's Next to Daisy's, on top of the laundry was just awarded the prestigious Svensk Bokkonst prize, being selected as one of Sweden's most beautiful books published in the previous year.
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Click, click, boom


Over two years in the making, we are happy to announce the release of Joakim Ojanen’s ’Next to Daisys, on top of the laundry’. Over the course of two years, the artist has been documenting his process in the studio. The book is available now for immediate shipping.
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Every coin has two sides


Today marks the release of a new multiple by Brand Downey and Igor Ponosov. The two artists continue a long series of collaborations with Two-Faced; two laser engraved coins in an embossed wallet, packaged in a bespoke hot foiled box. The multiple which is made available in an edition of 20 is now available for orders.
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Now availabe: Two new editions by A-FL. In the artist’s book A-FL M.FL., the author collects a disparate group of prominent people who are all known by their three letter initialisms. My Weight in Gold (2021) is the second installment in A-FL’s annual series tracing his weight.
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As days are getting brighter, we are pleased to announce the release of a small batch of ll’Editons caps. The first one shines light on one of our favorite insects; namely the minuscule book scorpion. To complement these, we have also released a series of standard caps, which are available in three different colourways.
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Upside down you’re turning me


We are excited to announce the release of the sixth installment in our ongoing Leporello Series. Leporello N° 06 by Maurizio Nannucci is now available for immediate shipping.
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We are happy to announce the release of the fifth volume of our Leporello Series. Leporello N° 05 by Shannon Ebner is now available for immediate shipping.
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Book Table at Eli's Corner


On the first of December, between 17.00-20.00, we invite you to Eli's Corner on Stigbergstorget in Gothenburg, as we will offer a selection of our tiles, in conjunction with the release of Första Januari by A-FL (Hundörat Small Press).
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Winner of Svensk Bokkonst 2020


We are happy to announce that The Bird Project 2006-2017 by Erik Berglin was awarded in Svensk Bokkonst, presented by The Swedish Book Art Association.
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Lighting up the Autumn darkness


After a long time in the works, we are proud to finally release volume four in our Leporello Series. Ryan Gander’s Leporello N°04 is printed in both offset and silk screened in glow in the dark ink and comes with a magnifying lens. The edition is limited to 250 numbered copies.
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Process as result.


We are pleased to announce the release of Associative Drifts by EKTA. Rather than a book in the word's traditional sense, the set is a process oriented collection of fragments, compiled by the artist. The book includes essays by Nina Bondeson and Henrik Björk Wigartz.
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Out now: Hur man knycker böcker by David Horvitz


Today marks the release of ”Hur man knycker böcker”, the Swedish appropriation of by David Horvitz’ artist’s book “How to shoplift books”. It is a comprehensive guide on how to steal books, detailing 80 ways in which one can steal a book.
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Leporello N° 02 by Micah Lexier in Paris


We are happy to announce that Leporello N° 02 by Micah Lexier will be exhibited at MAD (Multiple Art Days), Fondation Fiminco in Paris between 10–12 September
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Back from holidays


We are now back after the Summer holidays and resume our regular shipping schedule.
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Giveaway with every order


Yesterday we reached 2000 followers on Instagram. To celebrate this milestone; each order placed before Monday (14/6) will ship with a complimentary ORD/BILD notebook.
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Click, Flash, Brrh, Clunk!


We are happy to announce the release of the third volume of our Leporello Series. Leporello N° 03 by Fiona Banner aka The Vanity Press is now available for immediate shipping.
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Did anyone say die-cut?


It is with great pleasure we announce the release of the second volume of our Leporello Series. Toronto based artist Micah Lexier needs no further introduction. Like the first volume, Leporello N° 02 by Micah Lexier is limited to 250 numbered copies.
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This New This


We are very pleased to announce the release of Leporello N° 01 by Heimo Zoberning. This artist’s book is the first in a series of releases, titled The Leporello Series. The book comes in a hot-foiled rigid box, limited to 250 numbered copies.
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Pre-orders now open for The Leporello Series.


We now welcome pre-orders for the first two volumes of The Leporello Series. Leporello N° 1 by Hemo Zobernig will start to ship at the end of March. Leporello N° 2 by Micah Lexier will ship at the end of April. Each volume is housed in a rigid box and made available in an edition of 250.
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New release


Today marks the release of not one, but two new editions, both by A-FL. Ashes to Ashes is an artist’s book exploring pictorial warnings on tobacco packaging. My Weight in Gold (2020) is a set of four postcards depicting objects weighing 78 kilograms, the same weight as A-FL in 2020.
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Currently in production


Our new series of editions is currently in production and will soon be ready for release. Expect a new title each month leading up to the Summer. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Instagram to be notified when the first title is released.
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Good books get better with time


A new selection of vintage books was just added to our rare books section. We recently aqcuired a small collection of photobooks from a local collector, which will also be added to the site within the coming weeks.
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Fresh of the press


Starting 2021, every new order ships with a complimentary post card. Some of the cards feature artwork from the various books and editions which we have published to date. Others conceptually build upon the jargon of antiquarians and dealers of rare books and the nature of the post card.
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New release


We just released a collection of 13 textile collages on sweatshirts by artist EKTA (b. 1978). Each piece is hand-sewn by the artist and comes in a bespoke box, with a sturdy wire hanger and a wall hanger for installing the work.
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Why the long face?


160 Faces by EKTA is now officially released and available to order. We have a few signed copies of the book, which will be distributed on a first come first served basis. Everyone who pre-ordered the book will get a signed copy as well. All the pre-orders will be shipped out today, and as of now, new orders will be shipped out on a daily basis.
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Pre-order: 160 Faces by EKTA


160 Faces present a series of face drawings made by the artist over the last couple of years. The drawings are collected in a book, designed by Lundgren+Lindqvist, in which the sequencing has been determined by an algorithm, making each of the 160 books in the trade edition unique.
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Book Release: 160 Faces by EKTA


This Friday ll’Editions will release a new book by EKTA, titled ’160 Faces’ at Eli’s Corner in Gothenburg. If you’re in town be sure to come by to get a signed copy of the book.
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Rare books from the Far East.


After having first highlighted a number of important Scandinavian publications, followed up by some American classics, we now look to the Far East for a small but strong selection of books by Asian photographers.
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Exhibition at The White in Tokyo, Japan


The Bird Project 2006-2017 by Erik Berglin and Lukas/Markus by Kalle Sanner have both been selected for North East’s Book Exhibition at Alternative Space The White in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
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The land of milk, honey and great photobooks


The second batch of vintage books has now been released. Whereas the first selection focused on Scandinavian photographers, we now cross the Atlantic for a pick of books by American photographers. Click the link below to view all rare books.
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As rare as hen’s teeth


The first selection of vintage books is now available in the shop. For this first release, we have curated a selection of more or less hard to find books by Scandinavian photographers. Find the books via 'Rare' in the main menu, or by clicking the link below.

Fresh from the press


’The Bird Project’ 2006–2017 by Erik Berglin is now available for order.
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What's so special about being special?


The special edition of Erik Berglin's 'The Bird Project 2006-2017' is now available. Divided into three sets of ten, each book comes in a fluorescent acrylic glass slipcase with a print, signed by the artist.
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A comprehensive online index of all the 4982 birds that Erik Berglin has wheat-pasted across world is now available.
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Currently in the works


We are currently working with artist Ekta on a new book, titled '160 Faces', which is due for release in the near future.
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Just what we all need


Another newsletter? Well, we promise to only email you when we have something important to announce. Expect to hear from us twice a year, or so.
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Nice to meet you


We receive many presentations by artists who want us to publish their books. To submit a project proposal, please follow the link below.
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Breaking news


Lukas/Markus by Kalle Sanner is shortlisted for Svenska Fotobokspriset (The Swedish Photobook Award). We are honoured.
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