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Göteborgstryckeriet, a longtime collaborator, prints most of the publications and editions published by ll’Editions.

Göteborgstryckeriet handle comprehensive printing assignments – in other words, large print runs or many pages or large formats. Many customers come to them when extra attention to detail and finish are important for their brands. Or, to put it another way, when they have complicated printing assignments calling for top-class quality.

With a very quality oriented international clientele, including art book publishers, museums and fashion brands, Göteborgstryckeriet has become associated with top level quality and immaculate finish.

Göteborgstryckeriet has printed The Bird Project 2006-2017 by Erik Berglin, Lukas/Markus by Kalle Sanner, Ekta Sketchbooks I-III by Ekta and made the box for the ORD/BILD Notebooks.

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The Bird Project 2006–2017 by Erik Berglin

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The Bird Project 2006–2017 by Erik Berglin

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The Bird Project 2006–2017 by Erik Berglin

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The Bird Project 2006–2017 by Erik Berglin

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Lukas/Markus by Kalle Sanner

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Lukas/Markus by Kalle Sanner

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ORD/BILD by Lundgren+Lindqvist & Namban

Carl Ander(Gothenburg)

Photographer and Artist

Nine Editions (09)

Erik Berglin(Stockholm)

Artist and Photographer

Four Editions (04)

Blackbook Publications(Gothenburg)

Artist's Book Publisher

Four Editions (04)

Henrik Bromander(Malmö)

Writer, Dramatist and Cartoonist

One Edition (01)

Krister Flodstrand(Gothenburg)


Four Editions (04)

EKTA (Daniel Götesson)(Gothenburg)


Two Editions (02)


Design Studio

Thirteen Editions (13)

Dan Mather(London)

Screen Printer, Graphic Designer and Lecturer

One Edition (01)


Stationery Maker

One Edition (01)

O/O Brewing(Gothenburg)

Craft Brewery

One Edition (01)

Karl Palmås(Gothenburg)

Associate Professor, Researcher and Writer

Four Editions (04)

Kalle Sanner(Gothenburg)

Photographer, Artist and Publisher

Four Editions (04)

Alina Vergnano & Mattia Lullini(Gothenburg)

Artists and Gallerists(Nevven Gallery)

One Edition (01)

Jonas Wettre (Sandeng)(Gothenburg)

Photographer, Prepress and Retouch

One Edition (01)