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Olivia Vander Tuig(New York)


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CONTRIBUTION ‘Various Small Fires’

Olivia Vander Tuig is a New York based artist behind ‘Various Small Fires‘, which was published by ll’Editions in the Winter of 2020.

Olivia Vander Tuig (b. 1991) is an artist and a conceptual producer living and working in Brooklyn, NY. She makes work about the midwest, human cognition, and success.
Olivia’s Custom Lighters is an ongoing work started in 2014. It began as a cart on the street, making lighters for passers-by and tourists. In the past six years, hundreds of lighters have been made for Alberto Mugrabi, Mary-Kate Olsen, Tom Sachs, Mickey Cartin, Virgil Abloh, and many others of pomp.

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