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Alina Vergnano & Mattia Lullini(Gothenburg)

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Contribution Ekta Sketchbooks I-III

Alina Vergnano and Mattia Lullini of Nevven Projects have contributed a written conversation between themselves and Daniel ’EKTA’ Götesson to the supplementary leaflet included in the Ekta Sketchbooks I-III by EKTA.

Alina Vergnano (Torino,1989) is an Italian artist based in Gothenburg, Sweden since 2014. Apart from her practice as an artist, she is a co-founder and co-curator at Nevven Projects in Gothenburg.

Mattia Lullini (Italy, 1985) is an independent curator and co-founder of Nevven, a hybrid contemporary art venture integrating an art gallery and a public art project, located in Göteborg, Sweden since 2015.

Texts and exhibitions include: Fredrik Åkum Spreads (Alta Art Space, 2019), Devin Troy Strother Twinkle Toes (co-curated with Alina Vergnano, Nevven, 2019), Never Even (co-curated with Alina Vergnano, 3:e Våningen, 2019), Hypnagogia (co-curated with Alina Vergnano, Nevven, 2019), A Minimal Relief (co-curated with Alina Vergnano, Nevven, 2018), Stevie Dix Désert (co-curated with Alina Vergnano, Nevven, 2018), Daniel Ekta Götesson Non+Figuration (Ronneby Konsthall, 2017), Duda Bebek Natashas (co-curated with Alina Vergnano, Nevven, 2016) and Suspended (Nevven, 2016).

Nevven Gallery believes strongly in the importance of a return to critical writing and for the Ekta Sketchbooks I-III, Vergnano and Lullini have contributed a written conversation between themselves and Daniel ’EKTA’ Götesson.

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