Vision from Another World by Alessandro Rizzi

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In Beijing as well as New York, Las Vegas and London, the stories of people living in megalopolises are all alike, all searching for a quiet life in places where everything springs out of a surreal thought or emotion. Thus, these places, full of sensory and emotional stimuli, end by turning into amplifiers of solitudes and frustrations or at least of an unexplainable desire for tranquil ordinariness…

Vision from another world is the first book of Alessandro Rizzi, who perfected his art during his many travels throughout Europe and the Middle East. After having worked with reportage photography on Romanian miners and Palestinian refugees in the Lebanon, Alessandro Rizzi presents in the book his research on megalopolises of the world, from New York to Las Vegas, from London to Tokyo, from Beijing to Shanghai. Rizzi’s photographs seem images from another planet, as they narrate cities from a perspective far away from usual stereotypes. The other world emerging from Rizzi’s photos bypasses the accumulation of matter and chaos we are used to identify cities’ sprawling with, as they are invaded by millions of special effects lacerating our senses, and inhabited by subjects revealing a novel mystical vision of these places as temples of modern man.


Alessandro Rizzi (b. 1973) is an Italian photographer.

In the last ten years he lived in Italy, USA, Japan, China, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong and many other country, working on his project on some of the biggest cities in the world and collaborating on a few editorial projects with different italian and international magazines.

From fine art exhibitions, to international magazines, Alessandro Rizzi’s works spans from cityscape to urban shoots. His massive archive of color photographs taken in the last twenty years around the globe, include images of his latest book “Sculptures” first of a trilogy about the African-Americans issue. Sculptures Vol I has been recently acquired and housed by M.o.M.a. and the Metropolitan Museum of Art collections as well private and public collection in Oslo, Chicago and Boston.








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