Freedman Damiani

Eleven by Philip-Lorca DiCorcia

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Between 1997 and 2008, Philip-Lorca diCorcia completed eleven photographic portfolios in collaboration with W magazine’s creative director Dennis Freedman. For these ambitious editorial projects, DiCorcia and Freedman traveled the globe, deploying locations ranging from a Lautner house in Los Angeles and the Mariinsky Opera House in St. Petersburg to Windows on the World at the top of the World Trade Center and a notorious “club échangiste” (swinger’s club) in Paris. The cast of characters included iconic models Nadja Auermann, Shalom Harlow and Hannelore Knuts, the actress Isabelle Huppert, the designer Marc Jacobs as well as people cast on location. DiCorcia’s fashion stories are collected for the first time and reproduced in their entirety in this superbly designed publication. Edited by Freedman and published with Damiani Editore (Italy) under the new imprint, Freedman Damiani, the book also includes an interview with the artist by writer and professor Jeff Rian and a text by essayist Mary Gaitskill. This comprehensive publication coincides with the first time the artist exclusively exhibits his fashion photography in New York for the 2011 solo exhibition at David Zwirner.


One of the most influential and innovative photographers working today, Philip-Lorca diCorcia is known for creating images that are poised between documentary and theatrically staged photography. His practice takes everyday occurrences beyond the realm of banality, infusing what would otherwise appear to be insignificant gestures with psychology and emotion. DiCorcia employs photography as a fictive medium capable of creating uncanny, complex realities out of seemingly straightforward compositions. As such, his work is based on the dichotomy between fact and fiction and asks the viewer to question the assumed truths that the photographic image offers.


Freedman Damiani






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