Nürnberg by Juergen Teller

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Juergen Teller has spent the last year carrying out a study of the “Reichsparteitagsgelande”, the site of the Nurnberg Rallies, and a place he used to visit in his youth. The results are a series of images of stone and flora, photographed over the four seasons of a year, in seed, bloom, demise and finally dormant in the snow. It amounts to a study of mortality, the process of birth, growth and death. The book combines these works with self-portraits and family photographs through the same period, adding the perspective of the personal and quotidian life cycle.

Teller studied at the Bayerische Staatslehranstalt für Photographie in Munich, Germany (1984–1986). In order to avoid military national service he learned English and moved to London in 1986, aged 22. He was the recipient of the 1993 Photography Prize at Festival de la Mode, Monaco and the recipient of the 2003 Citibank Photography Prize in association with the Photographer’s Gallery, London.


Juergen Teller (b. 1964) is a prominent photographer who has successfully navigated both the fine art and commercial world since beginning his career in the late 1980s. Teller does not distinguish between his commercial and non-commercial work, treating all of his subjects—family members, celebrities, and himself—with a uniform style of grit and raw emotion that has become his iconic and instantly recognizable aesthetic.








132 pages




320×315 mm


Sadie Coles

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