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It’s a Free Concert From Now On by Richard Prince

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This artists’ book was published on the occasion of the 2002 exhibition Richard Prince: Paintings at Barbara Gladstone Gallery. With over a hundred pages of full-bleed color photographs, it reads as its own separate exhibition. Neville Wakefield’s introductory essay links Prince’s current photographic project with his past ones and speaks eloquently about his work in general: “Here in the open country between hoods and hoodlums, hip-hop and the nursing home, the event and the ticket, is the meaning of Spiritual America.”


Richard Prince (b. 1949) is an American painter and photographer. In the mid-1970s, Prince made drawings and painterly collages that he has since disowned. He began copying other photographers’ work in 1977. His image, Untitled (Cowboy), a rephotographing of a photograph by Sam Abell and appropriated from a cigarette advertisement, was the first rephotograph to be sold for more than $1 million at auction at Christie’s New York in 2005. He is regarded as “one of the most revered artists of his generation” according to the New York Times.


Barbara Gladstone Gallery






105 pages


Stitch bound paperback


280×185 mm


Neville Wakefield

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